Metrica, Inc
People-Centric Solutions
We are a minority, woman-owned small business. | ISO 9001:2015 Certified


Through our International Group and our subsidiary, Metrica Relocations+, Inc., we provide unparalleled relocation services, logistical support, and conference and event management anywhere in the world.

Our attention to detail and tailorable, scalable solutions set us apart from the crowd, and our highly developed network of subcontractors and affiliates ensures that we can deliver those solutions rapidly anywhere the mission takes our clients. From visa processing to per-diem payments to full-scale conference support or a family home complete with drivers, translators, and IT support, let us take care of it.

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We provide world-class IT support to our government clients, meeting some of our nation’s most important and demanding missions. Metrica’s IT professionals provide a full suite of IT solutions to support your mission. From service desk operations to application development to cloud and hybrid infrastructure, we offer scalable, customizable support for any mission, any client. We can also leverage our expansive international presence to bring service to you worldwide.

Our staff of highly experienced PhD-level researchers can conduct in-depth analyses in the fields of econometrics, human performance technology, business process engineering, and statistical analysis, among others.

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The Metrica Global family includes Pride Automation, Inc., and TRACLabs, Inc., providing cutting-edge technology and software to government customers such as NASA, as well as to our commercial clients.

Pride Automation, Inc. brings innovative process automation and improvement solutions to the Energy, Oil and Gas, Chemical, Aerospace, and Healthcare industries. Learn more about Pride Automation at

TRACLabs, Inc. specializes in robotics and automation, advancing the fields of human-robot interface and dexterous manipulation while building on the PRocedure Integrated Development Environment (PRIDE) electronic procedure system. Learn more about TRACLabs at