Global Mobility & Personnel Services

Metrica has developed a very strong capability for assisting companies in new overseas assignments, particularly in countries where the logistical environment is difficult, such as Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, Africa, and Asia. We provide global support through our global office in Arlington, Virginia, and a well-established network of affiliates throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.

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Metrica supports resident global technical advisors and representatives from government agencies, businesses, and international organizations. Our services allow your employees to focus on their assignment instead of stressing out about their move. Our services include:

Relocations Support:
Metrica provides support for employee relocation.

In-Country Support:
Metrica provides various types of support for in-country personnel.

International Support:
Metrica provides many other kinds of support overseas, from personnel to office help to translation and more.

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Metrica's International Logistics Services are under LOGWORLD on the GSA FSS Consolidated Schedule.

Metrica's Move Management Services are under the Employee Relocation Services of GSA FSS Schedule 48.

Metrica Relocations+

Through its affiliate, Metrica Relocations+, Metrica provides international relocation management services, international destination services, expatriate counseling & support services, global logistical support and mobility services, international procurement, international moving, MICE, Global Mobility Support (GMS), move management, employee relocation—whatever you call it, Metrica does it. Our network of global affiliates extends through over 70 countries—and the network keeps growing.

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