Metrica’s International Group and our subsidiary, Metrica Relocations+, Inc. (MR+), comprise a global relocation services provider with the local touch. While Metrica’s International Group primarily supports our U.S. Government clients, MR+ supports our corporate, institutional, and non-governmental organization clients.

Partner Network: We have an established in-country representative (ICR) network in more than 160 countries. What makes us stand out from our competition is that we have a very strong capability to provide services in regions where the logistical environment is difficult, such as Africa, Asia, the former Soviet Union, and Eastern Europe. We are proud to be servicing reputable international organizations, government agencies, and businesses with excellent customer satisfaction results.

Relocation Services: We deliver end-to-end international relocation management services, international destination services, expatriate counseling and support services, global logistical support and mobility services, international procurement, international moving, MICE, Global Mobility Support (GMS), move management, employee relocation — whatever you call it, Metrica does it. Our network of global affiliates extends through over 160 countries — and the network keeps growing.

Additional Services: In addition to relocation management, we can also provide an extensive range of consulting services, such as assignment cost estimates; commercial office space and servicing; conference, event, and meeting management; translation/interpretation services; construction management; payroll management, and evacuation policy management.

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