About Metrica, Inc

With our headquarters in San Antonio, TX, and offices in Arlington, VA, and Budapest, Hungary, we go where the mission is.

Corporate Structure

Metrica, Inc. is a broad-based professional services firm established in 1984 that provides an array of world-class domestic and international support activities to our government and corporate clients. Metrica, Inc. comprises three groups: The International Group, the Information Technology Group, and the Professional Consulting Group. In addition, the Metrica global family of companies includes Metrica Relocations+, Inc., TRACLabs, Inc., and Pride Automation, Inc.


The International Group boasts a global reach and provides agile, tailorable solutions for our clients. From organizing a major conference in an austere location to providing housing, visa support, and transportation to U.S. Government representatives overseas, Metrica, Inc. delivers everywhere.

Metrica's employee relocation and global mobility services began in 1991 in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union with the first of many logistical services contracts that have supported the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Since then, the International Group has developed its services in other parts of the world, with an especially strong presence in Africa. Serving additional clients such as the Departments of Defense, Justice, and Commerce, Metrica has developed a very strong capability for assisting Americans in overseas assignments, particularly where the logistical environment is difficult.

We provide support through a coordinating staff located in the U.S. (San Antonio, Texas; Arlington, Virginia; and Princeton, New Jersey) and through our regional office in Budapest, Hungary. Metrica’s strength lies in the blend of its own staff and its well-established network of subcontractors, affiliates, and in-country representatives throughout the world.

Honing our approach to international operations in the most austere and challenging environments has allowed us to expand into a host of other international services besides just the delivery of our classic relocation and global mobility services. For example, Metrica’s expertise in conference and event management frees our clients from dealing with complex problems associated with the background work in managing a conference or other event in an efficient, timely, and cost-effective manner.

Our subsidiary, Metrica Relocations+, Inc. (MR+), was established in 2006 to provide our international services to corporate, institutional, and non-governmental organization (NGO) clients. Our highly developed network of subcontractors and affiliates has allowed MR+ to serve clients in over 160 countries, including some of the most difficult operating locations in the world. Please visit www.metricarelocations.com.

Information Technology

The IT Group is a trusted partner in enabling some of our nation's most vital missions as it brings Metrica’s depth and breadth of experience in full-cycle information technology support. We have the expertise to develop, deploy, and service a broad range of IT solutions, such as the design, implementation, and maintenance of multi-facility data processing and wide-area network communications systems. With our extensive experience managing large-scale projects in the U.S. Departments of Defense, Agriculture, Homeland Security, and Energy, we can tailor an IT solution to any mission.

Professional Consulting

Metrica's staff of seasoned PhD-level researchers have extensive experience and provide expert consulting in econometric analysis, human performance technology, business process reengineering, and statistical analysis. Metrica has also provided management analysis and studies, training development, occupational analyses, grants management, support for international research programs that involve the collaboration of U.S. scientists and researchers in developing countries, and management of scientific committees.

Robotics and Automation

Our global family of companies also includes TRACLabs, Inc., and its subsidiary, Pride Automation, Inc. (PAI). Together, TRACLabs and PAI, headquartered near NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX, have developed the PRocedure Integrated Development Environment (PRIDE) electronic procedure system, the centerpiece of our process improvement and process automation solutions. PAI is focused on the development of PRIDE for commercial use. For the PAI pamphlet in PDF format, click here. Please also visit www.prideautomation.com.

TRACLabs has been a pioneer in the science of robotics and automation technology, providing cutting-edge research and development (R&D) in the fields of robotics, human-robot interface, and dexterous manipulation since 1997 when TRACLabs was a division of Metrica. (It became a Metrica affiliate in 2007.) TRACLabs is predominantly an R&D team developing custom software and technology for NASA, the DoD, universities, and the private sector and working hand-in-hand with those entities to conduct research into robotic mechanisms, intelligent robot control, data interpretation/summarization, and process control. It also has a growing number of proprietary products, such as the PRIDE Software Suite, the CRAFTSMAN tool suite for creating task-based robot control interfaces, the Biclops Vision System, and the MARS Manipulator. TRACLabs researchers are internationally recognized for their contributions to robotics and artificial intelligence. Please visit www.traclabs.com.

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