Metrica can provide your venue needs, whether it is a five star hotel or an off-site location. Our conferences are typically held in first-rate hotels around the globe, where Metrica has established contacts and knows the territory. Because Metrica has been there before, and will be again, we are offered the very best rates and service available at these locations.

Metrica will determine your conference venue needs, from the size of ballroom needed, to the table setup, breakout rooms, stage setup, banners, equipment needs, coffee breaks, lunches, and lodging. If your chosen venue is away from the hotel, Metrica will make the catering arrangements for you. We will arrange for all of your transportation needs to and from your conference and your lodging.

Metrica will also arrange for all payments to be made on your behalf. We will have on-site staff continually monitoring the event, who will work to ensure all charges are correct. After the conference, Metrica will take care of all the accounting and accountability so that you don’t have to. We will scrutinize the final charges to ensure they are correct. Metrica’s government-approved accounting staff make sure all charges are proper and correct, down to the penny.

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