Overseas/On-site Assistance

Metrica has taken years to cultivate the very best team of overseas partners. By utilizing foreign nationals who are residents of the host country, we have proven people who have intimate knowledge of their city, know the best local companies to secure your needs, and know the local culture, laws, and tourist destination spots. They speak the native language, and often have contacts in advantageous places who can assist you when in need. This is a crucial advantage to have when you are traveling in a foreign land. Metrica will take care of you.

Metrica provides on-site assistance for the duration of your conference. Typically nationals of the host country, our on-site assistants are able to negotiate with the hotel staff in their native tongue to secure your needs. They are experienced professionals. They will provide and oversee all table and equipment setup, distribute presentation materials, provide for conference registration, and continually monitor the event to ensure smooth operations.

Additionally, because our on-site assistants are residents of the host country, they are an invaluable source of information about the city in which the conference will be held. They know all the best places to go for entertainment, and can advise attendees about all the must-see things in their city. They will know all the best companies for transportation, presentation materials, equipment, and anything else you might need. They have first-hand knowledge of the hotels and conference venues in their city, and can ensure that you get only the best – at the best price!

For a list of our current countries, please click here.