Occupational Analysis

Metrica has been a forerunner in the analysis of occupational/career choice throughout its history. Metrica has used survey data to develop prediction models of the propensity of the youth population to select various occupations. Such prediction models select various occupations. Such prediction models have been used to determine population estimates of youths intending to enlist in military service or join the workforce or enter college. Metrica has also performed analysis and used nonlinear neural network methods in the development of the prediction models. Metrica is one of the leaders in the field of job and task analysis, using occupational survey data. Taking outdated Air Force programs from the 1960s and 1970s, Metrica created enhanced versions of the Comprehensive Occupational Data Analysis Program (CODAP) system for the major operating systems of the 1980s and beyond. CODAP is an occupational data analysis system used to identify and classify jobs in organizations. CODAP is a software tool used for analysis in personnel utilization, classification structures, job requirements, training requirements, skills management, staffing levels, manpower analysis, and job evaluation. Metrica provides a full range of services necessary to support the IBM American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) version of CODAP. CODAP has been used as a basis for job and task analysis for branches of DoD, IRS, Department of State, and other private Government organizations. CODAP provides state-of-the-art research tools required for addressing task- or component-level issues for purposes of influencing equipment design, developing training, identifying tasks which require new technologies, and determining task performance requirements. Metrica recently pioneered for the Air Force an automated survey tool that allows the user to design a survey that can be collected electronically. Through two years of research, Metrica personnel perfected a way to automatically deliver a survey instrument that adjusts to the user, and collects customized data depending on the responses that are given by the individual.

Modeling and Simulation

The performance history of Metrica and its professional staff ranges from consulting on small support projects to the design, development, and implementation of large-scale automated models. Statistical analysis and modeling require an in-depth understanding of methodologies and techniques to be utilized. Metrica has had extensive experience in development of large personnel and training simulation models; statistical analysis of large survey data; forecasting for labor markets, industrial sectors, and the total economy; analysis of large personnel databases; evaluation of personnel and training systems in the military as well as the private sector; econometric analysis and mathematical modeling across disciplines; database management and development; and software development for mainframes, and mini- and microcomputers. Metrica has demonstrated expertise in model building, systems analysis and development, compensation analysis, and econometric estimations through a host of past and ongoing contracts.

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