International Support

Translation and Interpretation – Qualified translators and interpreters are provided upon request.

Health Information – Information on hospitals, doctors, medivacs, and health problems such as quality of water is available.

Office Space – Assistance is provided in locating office space and renovating and furnishing it to your satisfaction.

Office Equipment – Computers, fax machines, copiers, communication equipment, and other equipment such as answering machines are provided. Equipment is stored and/or shipped when your employee leaves the country.

Equipment Servicing –- Repair and maintenance of computers and other office equipment through local sources are provided.

Personnel – We can provide personnel at all levels for the clients. The personnel take their day-to-day instructions from the client but remain employees of the affiliate. The affiliate is responsible for questions of labor laws, taxation, promotion, pay, and discipline.

Conference Services – We can handle all your arrangements for conferences and meetings. Meeting places are located; simultaneous translation equipment rented; reception, food, and beverage services are arranged. We can also provide other services, such as temporary secretarial support.