In-Country Support

Housing – We help your employees locate apartments or single family residences. Metrica's affiliates manage the leases, carry out renovations and maintain the residences, assist in purchasing furniture, and serve as a channel through which all housing services can be obtained.

Transportation – We can arrange for cars and drivers upon request, including full-time drivers with vehicles.

Communication –- Metrica arranges for international mail service for packages and letters to be sent overseas. We maintain a Post Office box to receive mail from U.S. origins, which is then forwarded to clients by the mail service once per week. Mail being sent to U.S. recipients is received from the mail service and put into the U.S. mail system. Metrica also arranges for e-mail service and for "international" telephone lines in host countries.

Security – We can provide bars on windows, security audits, alarm systems, and strong doors on residences, supported by a 24-hour contact for problems such as accidents, police confrontations, or other security and safety questions.