Grants Management

Metrica offers excellent services in managing grants, especially those with an international component. For eight years, Metrica has provided support for research programs that involve collaboration of U.S. scientists and researchers in developing countries. Metrica staff receive proposals, arrange for peer review of proposals, communicate review decisions to the researchers, keep track of financial outlays for funded research projects, and monitor reporting requirements for each proposal. Metrica has a data base of more than 1,000 scientists from which reviewers are selected. Other data bases are maintained to manage the proposal review process.

Metrica also has developed capabilities in the management of scientific committees. For several years, the Company provided management support for a large research advisory committee for one government agency. Agendas were set, meeting places were found, guest scientists were invited to participate in the meeting, subcommittee meetings were organized, and all logistical arrangements were made. This service is still available through the international staff in Arlington, Virginia.

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