Conference Support Services

Metrica can provide for all the services necessary to produce your event. Listed here are just some of the services we have routinely provided:

  • Travel: Metrica can provide all air travel, ground transportation, airport meet and greet, arrange for tours, rental cars, and any other transportation you may need. We always secure the very best transportation, and value for money.
  • Lodging: We have experience with, and knowledge of, all the best resort and lodging facilities. From the capitals of Europe, to some of the most remote places in Africa, and even in the Middle East, Metrica has been there and can make sure you are staying with the very best.
  • Travel Documents: We know exactly what you will need to visit your destination. We can advise on and procure visas for you, as well as medical documents, work permits, and Customs needs, and answer any questions you may have.
  • Travel Insurance: Metrica routinely provides the very best in safety, and can provide full evacuation and medical travel insurance to meet your needs.
  • Security: Metrica knows the most secure venues at which to hold your conference. We can provide the most secure transportation available, and security teams as necessary to protect you and your guests.
  • Conference Venue: We have intimate knowledge of some of the best venues around the world. Often we have already established connections at the venue of your choice, and can ensure that the best value, advice, and service are provided to you.
  • Catering: The very best food and drink will be provided for your conference, whether at the hotel or at another venue.
  • Presentation Materials: Metrica’s in-country partners know the best local companies who can provide the best materials. We will procure the most polished and professional presentation materials available for your conference.
  • Equipment: Metrica’s in-country staff knows the very best local companies who can provide state of the art equipment, even in third world countries and remote places. We will provide on-site technical support to make sure your sound system and interpretation equipment are running flawlessly. We can also provide specialized presentation equipment to suit your needs.
  • Interpretation/Translation: Metrica has developed a vast network of some of the best and most experienced translators and interpreters in the world. Tried and tested, they have proven their skills time and again to our clients. The quality of your overseas conference will often rely on the quality of the interpreters provided. With Metrica, you are guaranteed the very best.
  • On-Site Assistance: Metrica will provide you with staff to assist with your conference. They will take care of all your needs, including conference registration, provision of equipment, hotel liaison, transportation, presentation materials, setup, and even facilitation of payment. They can also provide advice about their city, and even set up tours for attendees.
  • Communications Needs: Metrica can provide telephone cards, sim cards, Internet access, and even cell phones for your guests. We will advise on and provide for the best way for you to phone home, and stay in touch while in a foreign land.
  • Payments and Reimbursements: Metrica can provide per diem payments for your attendees in the local currency when they arrive. This guarantees they will have cash to spend, get the best exchange rates, and will not have to travel with large amounts of cash. We can provide travel reimbursements, and other payments as needed.
  • Expert Personnel: If you need assistance in locating and providing expert speakers, trainers, or other delegates to your conference, Metrica can even help you locate and hire the specialists to speak at your conference, and provide the training that you need. We will locate and hire the very best experts in your field to attend your conference, and provide for their compensation commensurate with the laws of their country. Whether it is experts in law, commerce and trade, industry, government, or even the arts, Metrica is able to provide this valuable service. We can produce your conference from start to finish.

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