Conference & Event Management

Metrica, Inc. has been providing very successful full-service professional conference event management to government and business clients all across the globe for over a decade. Metrica’s in-house staff provides all the experience and oversight necessary for a totally seamless event. Metrica’s hand-picked team of overseas partners provides in-country expertise and established connections in numerous countries around the globe. This allows Metrica to operate with ease where others cannot. Metrica can provide for all your professional event needs, whether it is a full scale conference, a small workshop, or training seminar. Listed here are some basic services routinely provided to our clients:

  • Assistance in the best venue selection and price negotiation.
  • The very best lodging available for the price you need
  • All your transportation needs, including air/ground travel, secure transportation, and VIP treatment
  • Visa and all travel document needs and advice, including medical documents required
  • Full evacuation and travel insurance
  • Full security support
  • The best network of highly technical translators and interpreters available
  • Professionally produced materials for a highly polished conference production
  • The best equipment available
  • All banquet food and drink needs, including off-site catering
  • Communication needs, including phone cards, cell phones, laptops, or other media
  • Per diem payments and other travel reimbursement on site or via wire transfer

Regardless of your particular conference support needs, Metrica will be able to assist you.

Metrica can provide assistance in four primary areas:

Overseas/On-site Assistance

Metrica has taken years to cultivate the very best team of overseas partners. By utilizing foreign nationals who are residents of the host country, we have proven people who have intimate knowledge of their city, know the best local companies to secure your needs, and know the local culture, laws, and tourist destination spots. They speak the native language, and often have contacts in advantageous places who can assist you when in need. This is a crucial advantage to have when you are traveling in a foreign land. Metrica will take care of you.


Metrica can provide your venue needs, whether it is a five star hotel or an off-site location. Our conferences are typically held in first-rate hotels around the globe, where Metrica has established contacts and knows the territory. Because Metrica has been there before, and will be again, we are offered the very best rates and service available at these locations.

Conference Support Services

Metrica can provide for all the services necessary to produce your event.

Grants Management and International Research Programs

Metrica offers excellent services in managing grants, especially those with an international component. For eight years, Metrica has provided support for research programs that involve collaboration of U.S. scientists and researchers in developing countries. Metrica staff receive proposals, arrange for peer review of proposals, communicate review decisions to the researchers, keep track of financial outlays for funded research projects, and monitor reporting requirements for each proposal. Metrica has a data base of more than 1,000 scientists from which reviewers are selected. Other data bases are maintained to manage the proposal review process.

Metrica also has developed capabilities in the management of scientific committees. For several years, the Company provided management support for a large research advisory committee for one government agency. Agendas were set, meeting places were found, guest scientists were invited to participate in the meeting, subcommittee meetings were organized, and all logistical arrangements were made. This service is still available through the international staff in Arlington, Virginia.